PaydayNY-2015 FOR WIN 7/8

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  • Tax Years 2010-2015 (Pro edition)
  • Fed Social Security, Medicare and Withholding Tax
  • New York State, NYC and Yonkers Withholding Tax
  • Data Backup and export to Microsoft Excel
  • Tax reports and Paycheck printing module (Pro)
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User Manual



User Input

Employee Fed Tax

Calculated Amount

Gross Pay for this period, $
 * Employee Fed Medicare Tax
Deduction for Pay Period Employee Fed Social Security Tax
Additional Withholding, $ Employee Fed Income Tax Withheld
Pay Period (Payroll Frequency)  * Employee FICA Tax
Number of Fed Allowances (W-4)  * Employee Fed Tax total
Medicare Tax Rate  * Employee Effective Fed Tax Rate
Employee Fed SSTax Rate  * Employee Fed Tax + Add.Withholding


User Input

Employee State/Local Tax

Calculated Amount

State  * State Income Tax Withheld
Number of State Exemptions  * Local Income Tax Withheld
Locality  * (State+Local) Income Tax Withheld

Employer Contribution

User Input

Employer FICA Tax

Calculated Amount

Employer Fed SSTax Rate  * Employer FICA Tax

Paycheck Summary

Calculated Amount

Tax Reference Data

Reference Amount

Employee Total Tax Amount Fed Standard Deduction
Employee Total Tax Effective Rate Social Security Tax Base
Employee Total Tax+Add.Withholding One Fed Allowance
Employee Tax/NetPay Ratio State Deduction
Total Tax (Employee+Employer) One State Exemption
Total Tax Effective Rate Local Deduction
NET PAY: One Local Exemption